Rigid Wall Containment Solutions:



Custom Solutions

1.Custom powder paint options

2.Custom height and width wall solutions

3.Call for custom solutions.

Technical Specifications

1.Walls can be built to 48” wide

2.3” – 48” wide options

3.For walls wider than 48”, 2 or more walls can be attached together

4.Frame footprint is 1” x 3”— 48”

5.Standard clear or black anodize finish or white powder paint

6.Must be secured to the floor and at the top of the rigid wall to another
wall or cabinet.

7.Walls are made from aircraft grade extruded aluminum frames and clear polycarbonate panels which meet the 2013 NFPA standard for smoke (450 or lower) and flame spread (50 or lower) ASTM E-84 and


Determine Your Part Number Step

1.Select your wall type (rigid wall = RW)

2.Select desired wall width (example 24”)

3.Select desired wall height, usually it is the same as cabinet height (example 85-5/16”)

4.Determine how the wall will attach (ie, to each cabinet top = 2C, to one cabinet and one wall = 1CW, , rigid wall to rigid wall or door = 3JS, to cabinet to rigid wall or door 5JC, or free standing = NC)

5.Select color, standard colors come in black = (B) or clear = (C) anodize, as well as white = (W) powder paint (B, C, and W). Other customized color options and pricing available upon request.