• Single Sliding

      When Unpacking the doors, frames and components be careful not to scratch the aluminum frame
      and the acrylic glass windows. They have been carefully packaged and inspected before crating.
      Inspect all components and be sure everything is included that is needed for assembly.
      Use only the proper and recommended tools for all assembly procedures as well as installation of
      the doors in and around the cabinets.
    • Digital Door Lock

      TRIAD offers the Digital Door Lock to be used in either sliding
      doors or swinging doors to provide security around storage racks in
      cold or hot isle applications. Lock comes pre-set with a five digit
      access code which can be programmed to a different five or seven
      digit code, if desired. On the inside of the door there is a thumb
      knob for easy exit. The Digital Door Lock option is pre-drilled for
      easy on-site installation.
    • ICE Server Rack Door

      Triad® expands River Cooling System with
      ICE-FLOW door.
    • Double Sliding

      Double Sliding Door - WC1200
      The TRIAD WC1200 Double Sliding Door Is our top of the line door for either hot or cold isle containment. Security and conve- nience options are available.

      Options Include:
      1.Automatic door closers.
      2.Digital keyless Entry with emergency exit handle.
      3.Clear or black anodized finish.
      4.Clear or Corrugated light panels.