The HotSpotr intelligent air mover can be used with any high-flow tile to increase cooling effectiveness in your data center. Its drop-in, non-disruptive installation allows you to immediately eliminate hot spots and improve airflow.


Successful data center cooling depends on effective airfow supply and distribution. HotSpotr intelligent air movers deliver cooling to server racks and eliminate hot spots without depleting airfow required by other servers and rows within your facility. Using intelligent measuring and monitoring of the data center space, the HotSpotr (HT-510T) auto-balances your valuable cooling supply, enhancing the effectiveness of your CRAC units.

Installing HotSpotrs is not only the smart way to solve airflow problems, but also the most cost effective. A single HotSpotr floor tile can monitor and service multiple racks. Each HotSpotr comes with 2 remote sensors which you place as needed for localized control. HotSpotrs pull air where you need it to overcome underfloor congestion and room/CRAC layout, recouping your cooling resources and allowing for additional server load. Twelve HT-510Ts supply the airflow equivalent of one 30-Ton CRAC with less than 1/3 the cost to implement and only 1/3 of the cost to operate per year.

HotSpotrs fit seamlessly into raised floor environments and are practically invisible. No server downtime or server rack movement is required for installation. The self-contained grate and air moving unit becomes part of the floor. Units use less than 127 mm (5”) of underfloor depth, eliminating the clutter of portable fans and spot coolers.